Building the Next Generation Business Leader

Sarang Ahuja’s latest post:

A business leader is an individual who is confident, persistent, and inventive in any field that they are in. They are the game changers who devote their time and energy in establishing their business in the best way possible. They are the motivators that inspire those around them to go above and beyond the expectations of what is acceptable. But most importantly, they are the innovators that actively and persistently defy the impossible dream to make it into a tangible reality. In this video, Garth Saloner, Dean of Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business, discusses the challenge that business schools face in educating students for a new world of companies without borders. For Saloner, he believes that finding and training these high class individuals can be incredibly difficult, especially when cultivating their students to think critically and analytically.


from Sarang Ahuja | Finance


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