Three Tips to be a Be an Efficient and Effective Leader

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There is a famous saying that “leadership is not a position or a title a person assumes, but the action and example they set for all.” For great leaders, they have always been an integral part of society’s progress. In reality, our goals, dreams, and destiny rest in their hands.

So what makes a great leader? How does one assume that position, especially within the confines of the work place?

To be an effective leader, a person must go above and beyond the standards set upon them. They are individuals who not only accomplish various tasks on a consistent and daily basis, but also inspire change within the working environment. According to BCG’s leadership expert Roselinde Torres, today’s institutions and individuals who have the resources to help promote and cultivate great leaders are failing to do so. In her view, while the world is full of leadership programs, the best way a person can learn to lead is by creating a foundation that allots for change and development. It is then that a person can take it to the next level in their push for a thriving and ever-growing future.

During her Tedtalk, Torres spoke about a study she conducted to measure the effective use of leadership development programs in different companies all throughout the world. This entailed an in-depth analysis and international research in order to redefine what makes a great leader for today’s 21st century. After travelling all around the world and taking holistic observational notes on effective and ineffective leadership practices, Torres observed how cultural backdrops, geographical locations, and current events all played a factor in cultivating and shaping a leader and their course of action. She further dives into how of the 4,000 companies she surveyed, almost 60% of them have reported significant talent gaps for critical leadership goals. What is most disheartening about these statistics is not just the low numbers, but also the amount of time, resources, and training each company had invested in efforts to develop a strong leader.

While the results seemed shocking, Torres was able to leave her study with three key elements that will undoubtedly shape a better equipped, and more capable leader for the future.

1. Maintaining a Diverse Network

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” To be a great leader, it is vital that you assume the mentality of a student. At the end of the day, knowledge is the most powerful weapon you can use on the world. Great leaders are not born knowing everything. Instead, they are individuals who recognize that diversity, network, and knowledge are tools that they can utilize in the everyday work life. The ability to collaborate and learn from a variety of people of different backgrounds and work experiences can greatly increase the effectiveness and perspective of a person’s thinking.

2. Accept the Change

As a leader, the one thing that can be detrimental to your success is your ability to settle. Effective leaders never settle. Rather, they acknowledge the fact that time changes constantly. To be a strong leader, one needs to be adaptable to a variety of different speed bumps and hurdles along the way. Anticipating this type of change will lend to stronger strategies and decision-making for the betterment of your company. Never see these changes as problems. Only view them as windows of opportunities.

3. Always Look Ahead to the Future

Similar to the concept of change, it is vital that you recognize your mistakes and learn from them. The one big mistake some people do is that they often dwell on the past. Sticking to the antiquated ways of managing or running a business can hinder your growth professionally and personally. The key thing to do is to accept those events and learn from them.  Internalize the different avenues of what led you to that decision and the other options that you could have taken for success. By establishing that sense of mental reflection, you will be able to ultimately move forward and grow as an individual.

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