Poker at the Borgata

Sarang Ahuja’s latest post:

I recently participated in the the Borgata Poker Deep Stacks Challenge. It was a great tournament as always. I placed 8th out of 300, and I’m looking forward to the next tournament. Here’s a quick summary of the last hand I played from the coverage of the event:

“After coming in as one of the shorter stacks at this Final Table you wouldn’t have pegged Steve Macchia as the betting favorite to notch the first two knockouts but after moving near the chip average after eliminating Micky Takahira, he’d be back at it sending Sarang Ahuja to the rail in 8th place.

“Ahuja, who was getting into the “danger zone” would move all-in pre-flop and get called by Macchia, who held Ace of Clubs and 10 of Spades.

“He’d need to hit holding 9 and 7 of Clubs and he would pair up on the flop, but Macchia would as well putting him in dire need of help on the turn and river to save his tournament life.

“It wouldn’t come and Ahuja, who’s tournament resume may seem “light” but actually shows some massive WSOP cashes from 2009 and 2010 totaling close to $30,000, would be the next player sent packing from this Final Table, making just over $1,700 for his Event 5 efforts.”

As I said on Twitter right after being knocked out, you can’t be completely card dead at a final table. A few ill timed bluffs and you’re done.

Now I’m looking forward to what’s ahead. I’ve already booked my flights to participate this years World Series of Poker starting June 3rd, and needless to say, I’m excited to be in the hunt for the bracelet. 

from Sarang Ahuja


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