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According to this New York Times article, Microsoft will offer free software upgrades to its current customers, thereby hoping to get the hundred million plus users running old operating systems to upgrade. By doing this, they hope to increase both the ease with which new apps can be developed, and thereby the interest in making such apps. It is logical to think that having customers with various iterations of a given operating system could hamper development of new software, since a large portion of potential users could be running old versions that could be incompatible with new programs.

With this move, Microsoft will be emulating Apple, which has done a better job of keeping users on their most up to date operating systems, and therefore has been able to provide a wide audience with compatible operating systems for developers of various applications.

Terry Myerson, Microsoft’s Executive Vice President of Operating Systems, said something else that is worth mentioning – that Microsoft has a commitment to keeping operating systems up to date for the “supported lifetime of the device” (this quote appeared in this article). Rolling updates on devices would certainly further help the above mentioned cause.

Microsoft is looking to vastly improve upon Windows 8, which was not well received. With Windows 10, the company will be premiering “Windows Holographic” which is summarized by another article:

“Windows 10 has been built to integrate holographic representations of its software. With the companion HoloLens glasses, Windows 10 users can interact with holograms all around them.

“HoloLens comes with a holographic processing chip that understands your gestures, voice and where you’re looking. It can map the world around you and display holograms that appear to be in thin air or on objects that surround you.”

That, I’m sure, will get the attention of more than just current Windows users.

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